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Echocardiography is a machine!! Right?! The course wouldn't be a 'machines' course if we didn't discuss one of the most important machines in the cardiac ICU- The Echo Machine! There are a lot of books and Youtube videos and PDFs and other materials out there to learn echo. I cut out the excess and give you clinically relevant, high yield instruction on echocardiography. Dive in to start learning how to perform and interpret echo imaging (transthoracic and transesophageal), evaluate valves, gradients, calculate flows, determine cardiac function, and much, much more!   

Sample Echocardiography Content
(see the PDF page for full content!)

-Videos Coming Soon-
Materials Included:

1. Basic echo physics

2. High yield echo concepts that come up repeatedly (PISA, Vena Contracta, Bernoulli Equation etc.) 

3. TTE and TEE Views of the heart
4. Evaluation of LV and RV Systolic Function

5. Diastology

6. Evaluation of valvular lesions (AS, AI, MR, MS, TS, TR, PI, PS) 

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