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Why Use 'Master the Machines'

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Intuitive Illustrations and Real Life Pictures

I use colorful illustrations alongside real life annotated pictures and written text to deliver complex clinical material in clear, concise, and memorable ways!

Step by Step Device Functionality and Physiology

To completely manage these devices it is crucial to understand how the devices work and are placed, I take you through the whole process!

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Bedside Management Pearls and Troubleshooting

What happens when an ECMO circuit goes down? What do you do with high purge pressures? I explore a wide variety of clinical scenarios for you!

Reviewed by Manufacturers

The content written about a variety of devices discussed in this course has been reviewed and edited by engineers, medical writers and representatives from the companies who make them- This is done to help ensure the most accurate explanations of how they work, their anatomy, how problems with them will manifest and how to troubleshoot! 

The Mission

Take the complex and evolving field of medicine that is mechanical circulatory support and break it down to make it understandable, accessible and comprehensive for everyone.

See What We're About

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