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Read what our users have to say about Master the Machines!

Master the Machines Is a great resource to supplement my knowledge of mechanical circulatory
support. As a new provider in a cardiac surgery intensive care unit, getting to learn even the
basics can be a challenging and daunting feat- especially when people’s lives are on the line.
Master the Machines does a great job explaining fundamental physiology of perfusion in a way
that is easy to understand regardless of prior experience. Some of my personal favorites are the
lectures that explain pulse pressure and the effects of positive pressure ventilation on heart filling.
Master the Machines also offers a wealth of knowledge about mechanical circulatory support
including ECMO, Impellas, LVADs, and Balloon pumps; the information here is clear and
consolidated all in one spot whereas it would otherwise take me hours trying to even locate all the
information about mechanical support. It is an invaluable asset to have for anyone new or
experienced in mechanical circulatory support and I highly recommend trying it.

‘Master the Machines’ is a carefully-constructed course that offers niche information to healthcare
professionals working in critical care or MCS settings. Whether you want to learn the basics of
cardiac pathophysiology or the intricacies of ECMO cannulation, this course has something for you. 

Dr Convissar’s simple explanations, memorable graphics, and video lectures break down large
concepts into digestible segments. The case studies provide practical insight into the daily
management of MCS patients and actionable troubleshooting for alarms and emergencies. I look
forward to see the updates that come as the technology and devices evolve.

I am thrilled to share my positive testimonial for the Master the Machine lectures on
mechanical circulatory support. As a healthcare professional working at a heart
transplant hospital, I cannot emphasize enough how invaluable this course has been in
enhancing my knowledge and skills in caring for patients on mechanical support devices.
From the very first lecture, it was evident that David Convissar, MD is not only an expert in
their field but also passionate about sharing his expertise with others. The content
covered in the lectures was comprehensive, well-structured, and presented in a clear and
engaging manner. I found myself fully immersed in the topics, eager to absorb every bit of
knowledge shared by the instructors. What truly stood out to me was the practical
applicability of the lectures. Dr. Convissar contextualized the information within real-life
scenarios and case studies, making it easy for me to connect the theoretical concepts to
the everyday challenges I encounter in my practice. This approach significantly enhanced
my understanding of mechanical circulatory support and provided me with the tools and
confidence to make informed decisions when caring for my patients.
One of the most significant impacts of the lectures has been on my ability to provide
optimal care for patients on mechanical support devices. The course covered key aspects
such as device selection, management of potential complications and equipping me with
a comprehensive understanding of these complex interventions. The thorough
discussions on troubleshooting and troubleshooting strategies have been particularly
beneficial, allowing me to confidently navigate any challenges that may arise during
patient care.

From understanding changes in the CVP waveform to something more complicated like
ECMO-indices physiology changes, rote memorization won’t help patients at the bedside,
especially in the intensive setting when seconds count. It’s truly understanding the
mechanics that makes a difference. Dr. Convissar distills the material in such simple
terms, it was so easy to follow. I feel more confident in the care I am learning to deliver.

This course has an abundance of information that directly relates to my job as a CVSICU
RN. I am so excited the course is live and I can I access it on my devices. I have bought
textbooks and read articles about similar content. With MCM, all the content is in one
place. Listening while viewing the clear graphics of MCM has been a better way for me
to learn. The physiological portion rolls right into the devices, making it easy to follow. It’s
a well thought out course that I’ll be applying to my practice. I feel lucky to have it as a
resource and wish I it since day 1. Highly recommend!

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